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It's All About You

It's About The Way You Think Feel Behave Respond...

I Know That You're An Intelligent Person Otherwise You Wouldn't Be Looking Here

So If Your Issue Was A Conscious One You Would Have Fixed It By Now Wouldn't You?

So Obviously It's A Subconscious Issue Deep Inside Of You

Chances Are You've Been To Doctors Consultants Psychologists Psychiatrists Or Tried Many Other Ways of Dealing With It & Nothings Worked Yet?

Well That's Where I Come In As I Specialise In Communicating With Your Subconscious Mind Which Is  >90% Versus Your Conscious Mind Which Is <10%

I Deal With The Root Cause Of The Issue & Not The Symptoms i.e. Sticking An Elastoplast On A Weeping Wound

When it Needs X Rays A Deep Clean & Stitches!

What You Think About You Bring About

Whatever Becomes The Focus Of Your Attention Becomes Your Subjective Reality

Wether  You're Aware Of It Consciously Or Not! 

Why Work With Me?

I Am A Consulting Hypnotist & I Am Passionate About Helping My Clients Transform Their Lives In The Fastest Safest Possible Way For Them

 Using Advanced Hypnosis and Other Tools & Techniques To Create A Fun And Amazing Experience That Will Let You Know That You were Truly Hypnotised!

There Is No App For Happiness & Health!

Invest In Yourself...

You Didn't Get This Way In 5 Minutes! 

You Are A Mind With A Body Not A Body With A Mind!

So If That Latest Smart Phone You've Just Invested £700 In Was Due An Update You'd Download it Wouldn't You?

So Whatever Your Issue No Matter How Long You've Had It Or What's Not Worked For You Yet!

Tell Me Your Desired Outcome And I'll Update The Software Of Your Subconscious Mind To Get You There In The Fastest Safest Possible Way For You

I Tailor My Programs To You As The Unique Individual That You Are

 Based On Your DNA & The Environment In Which You've Grown Up In 

"I Will Not Make You Talk About Your Issue So That You're All Upset & Then Say You're 50 mins Is Up I'll See You Next Week For Some 90+ Sessions Of What I Call Rinse & Repeat Therapy!

 The Majority Vast Of My Clients Achieve Their Desired Outcome In A Program Of Just 3 to 4 Sessions"

I Will Find Out How You Think Feel Behave Respond

& Get You To Your Desired Outcome In The Fastest Safest Possible Way For You


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